Christianity is not what it used to be, or should I say, what it should be. As I read countless books for my graduate program I am ceaselessly amazed by what a radical compromise many have made. Supplanting sound Christian theology for heretical ideologies. In an attempt to make God more lifelike his transendence has been stripped and the ontological chasm laid bare. From this vantage point, there is no longer any mystery to be had. It is certainly necessary to avoid a form of extreme fundamentalism but the avoidance thereof must not get carried away.


The Last Horse Crosses the Finish Line

Typically I give fads the cold shoulder or I do at least until I find such things to be of use. However, in this instance, the only apparent ‘use’ I can find is to tread an already well trodden path on which I may share my thoughts.  In the wide-wide-world of blogging there are already an abundance of opinions available. By in large, I am the last horse crossing the finish line and its likely that my occasional thoughts will amount to little more than white noise. Stick around though because I just might, by happenstance, say something worthwhile.