Its funny how often I’ll hear myself or someone else complain about ‘people.’ What a strange thing to complain about since we all fall into that category.

Sure, the degree of stupidity varies from person to person but we all fall along the continuum of stupid at one point or another.  Jesus once said, “before you remove the speck from your brothers eye, first remove the plank from your own.” Jesus said this to people who were excessively hypocritical and ungracious. They would critique others over the smallest infraction while, at the same time, they were harboring murderous hatred toward others. I think we can learn from this.

Anytime we complain about ‘people’ we are doing the same exact thing that Jesus was discouraging. We’re looking down on others while elevating ourselves and ignoring the wrongs that we’ve committed. Lets be honest: you, me and that sweet old lady next door have, at some point or another, ‘put our foot in it.’ So, before we complain about ‘people’ lets first take a long hard look at ourselves. We may be guilty of equal or even greater things than the person or people we’re criticizing.

Its not to say that we can’t point out when someone does something excessively stupid. No, we most definitely should, but be humble! Remember that we’re all people and we’ve all  done our fair share of stupid stff, and, when we did, we craved a measure of mercy. So, lets take Jesus’ words to heart and give our own issues the attention they deserve before we start talking about how ‘stupid’ other people are. Doing this will help us address the sins of others with far more humility, graciousness and love.


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