Diogo Morgado is not actually Jesus, but you already knew that.


I came across this blog on Facebook explaining why the ‘Son of God’ movie and movies like it are idolatrous and shouldn’t be seen: http://godinthewasteland.com/2014/02/18/the-movie-son-of-god-and-the-second-commandment/

Here are my thoughts:

1) I know the Bible is different than the big screen. The difference being that the Bible is God’s self-revelation and the big screen is not. This, however, seems to be common sense.  Its no surprise to me that I’ve not heard anyone suggest that we worship the actor on the screen as God. It’s pretty obvious that he’s not intended to be seen as Jesus himself. If he is, then yes, watching the movie would be idol worship at its worst.  As it stands, the movie seems to be doing something quite different: pointing us to scripture to encounter the true God for salvation, through Christ! Idolatry simply does not do that!

2) The likely misrepresentations of scripture in the movie make it all the more important for Christians to see. Otherwise, how can we have any hope of defending the Jesus of Scripture over and against the Jesus of Hollywood. We’d be hopelessly out of touch with culture and wouldn’t even know where to start the conversation if we don’t see it.

3) So, i’m not suggesting that the movie be taken as Scripture but I do suggest that we watch the movie before judging it’s heresies. This was, after all, how the canon of scripture was pieced together–through observed/spirit led discernment. Sure, we could read reviews but first hand experience can’t be replaced.

Again, I’m not sure the film makers–or anyone for that matter–are suggesting that we accept the screen version of Jesus as God. What they seem to be suggesting, instead, is that we accept the Bible’s version of Jesus as God. What likely bugs people is that they’re using media to urge us in that direction but that doesn’t make the movie idolatrous. After all, I’ve never heard of an idol pointing us toward God. No idol ever has.

So, no, Diogo Morgado is not actually Jesus, but you already knew that and no one is suggesting that he is.


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