Insecure? Join the club.


We all have those moments: a word, an action, a reaction or a thought that sends us spinning into a world of insecurity. In those moments we can feel small, angry or flat out dejected. Often we tell ourselves, “its no big deal,” we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and move on. In our worst moments we turn to addictions, inappropriate relationships or consumerism.

I understand why people react like this. It’s far easier to run from insecurity than to stare it square in the face and deal with the foreboding questions of our existence. The more and more I think about it, though, I wonder if God uses insecurity to draw us closer to him.

Psalm 139 and Philippians 2:1-11 are two passages that convince me of this more than any others in scripture. Together they teach two powerful truths: one, God knows more about us than even we will ever know about ourselves; and two, despite knowing us at our worst he still loves us enough to die for us.

He knows us, he’s entered our existence and suffered with us through Jesus. God (whether you believe in him or not) authored your life, occupies it and experiences it with you. Your insecurities are safe in his hands.


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