An Honest Look

ImageI think we put undo pressure on ourselves when we try to meet the status-quo and lie to others about who we really are. No, I don’t think we should hang out our dirty laundry. That’s not needed.

We do, however, need to get past the drive to look smart by omission, to spew every bit of intellectual prowess we have at others to impress or demean them, or to compromise on our convictions for sake of our image. We all feel this need to pretend, to look good and to impress others. Jesus, however, isn’t interested in all that. He requires us to drop the bravado and be honest with ourselves, others and God.

As for me, I’m not the smartest guy in seminary. I don’t know the five points of Calvinism by heart, politics still confuse me and I’ve only read the Bible from cover-to-cover once. I’m a struggling father, husband, employee and, more to the point, a struggling Christian. I haven’t got it all together. This is what I bring to life.

God isn’t interested in perfect people,though, but in people who will come to Jesus as “little children,” (Matthew 18:3). That demands honesty, vulnerability and trust. That’s who I want to be–a child. Take it all away. That’s what I want–most of the time.












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