The Divine Heart


In light of father’s day this weekend it seems appropriate to meditate on the heavenly Father’s sovereign care. Despite the season or situation you find yourself in, it is always good practice to consider his mercies. So, even if (or more appropriately–especially if) the world seems against you, take a moment to consider the abundance of our Heavenly Father. When we were helpless to care for ourselves he loved us. Nothing has changed. Be reassured by the words of St. AugustineĀ  in his confession on “Infancy”:

I do acknowledge You, Lord of heaven and earth. I do praise You for assembling the pieces of my being for the infancy I do not remember…We can see others and guess much about your work in us. We can learn much about your care by seeing those who cared for us as infants.”

God crafts us, nurtures us, helps us, raises us and sustains us. Praise your Heavenly Father for his abundant love even in the midst of your helplessness!


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